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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the cut gemstones so large in the Frequency Bangle?

quartz crystal frequency jewelry

The greatly renowned advocate of astrological jewelry Swami Sri Yukteswar is quoted in the must-read spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi saying this about gemstone weights:

“This problem received attention from our rishis; they found helpful not only a combination of metals, but also of plants and - most effective of all - faultless jewels of not less than two carats. The preventive uses of astrology have seldom been seriously studied outside of India. One little-known fact is that the proper jewels, metals, or plant preparations are valueless unless the required weight is secured, and unless these remedial agents are worn next to the skin.'

When one considers the parameters of not less than two carats. One can literally take that weight as the absolute minimum weight that a gemstone may start to be helpful for remedial karmic mitigation. However much larger gemstones by pure logic of this minimum could be considered to be many times more effective?

He also wrote in “The Holy Science” that there are five different types of electricity in the human body. With that in mind, when our electrical body interacts with and is stimulated by outside electrical radiations from the planets and other sources, it is either for good or for ill.
Perhaps one of the reasons why Sri Yukteswar mentioned these weight criteria is because Mother Nature does not offer many of the primary astrological gemstones in sizes above two carats. For example, less than five percent of high quality facetted sapphires would be over this weight. And hence it is easy to understand why prospective buyers of astrological gemstones would err to the useless smaller gems.

woman meditating wearing a chakra bangle

While operating and accumulating research and feedback for over twenty years, I have seen a significant increase in the remedial effects of gemstones when the gems used are as big as possible. Larger gemstones are more powerful than smaller ones as intermediaries of benign electromagnetic radiation. The Frequency Bangle has been made with very large cut quartz crystal material simply because smaller gemstones have significant limitations.

Remember our electrical bodies that are directed by the chakras are not small and just as the physical body requires certain amounts of nutrition, so too the electrical body thrives on significant amounts of electromagnetic radiations in the different frequencies it requires. Gemstones have a unique ability due to their crystal lattice to radiate an electromagnetic frequency. A gem’s crystal lattice is aligned in such a way that the electron flow and resonance amplifies down the matrix. The bigger and more perfect the crystal material, the more likely the amplified electromagnetic radiation can interplay with the electrical body.

In the larger Frequency Bangle, most of the facet cut quartz gemstones are over 60 carats in weight, putting over 360 carats of rainbow colored quartz in stable, deep-seated skin contact.

The choice of very large size gems of deep well toned color is not the result of whimsy or speculation but is based on highly positive ongoing research over 30 years. I am fully aware that an electromagnetic talisman of this level is part of a science not deeply researched and not well understood, especially in this early lower age (Dwapara Yuga) of humankind. However Swami Sri Yukteswar has mentioned that the study of subtle electricity’s will gain much more interest and respect as we depart the Dwapara Yuga. Those who’ve researched the subject of Atlantis will realize that this kind of tool would have been widely accepted at that time and place.

I have not gone into detail about the prospective color therapy benefits of these large gemstones but obviously this is also another great benefit.


Will I feel the difference when I put on the bangle?

frequency bangle in the sunlight
Large Frequency Bangle

Most people do, some don't. It will depend on your sensitivity. If the majority of people didn't, I would not have invested such a large amount of capital in developing the Frequency Bangle.

I certainly felt a dramatic difference, and my clients so far say its extraordinary how much the bangle does for them. TESTIMONIALS PAGE I noticed a definite boost in my concentration or mental clarity. And I experienced an increase in joy for a while that gradually wore off after a few weeks. The responses I have received cover such a wide spectrum of experience that I prefer to not go into them except to say “take notice of your mental clarity while doing your meditation technique”. If after a few days you have not noticed a significant difference, return it for a full refund less the shipping and insurance costs.

I don’t want to be selling something that is not karmically beneficial. I have avoided selling jewelry for jewelry’s sake for the last 30 years and that policy is not changing.

On another note there is a large body of opinion that large faultless gemstones that have not been altered by heating or radiation, etc. and have a deep rainbow color can be perfect ayurvedic astrological gemstones. If this is the case, then the karmic mitigation factor of wearing such a bangle will be profound. I am purposely not going to mention some of the many benefits I have been told with the Frequency Bangle for the simple reason that it can be contrived by skeptics as an auto- suggestive technique for sales.

It is best to decide for yourself by also reviewing the testimonials page and even then the final decision can only be made when after wearing it for a few weeks you decide not to get the total money back refund or otherwise. So few fail to grab the unusual opportunities in life on account of simply not applying for the experience in an open-minded manner. We offer full money back refunds less shipping costs as a way to encourage others to discover if this bangle is going to be profoundly beneficial for them.


yoga and meditation jewelry


This is a standard response from a healthy skeptic putting on the Frequency Bangle for the first time:

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Tamara talks about how she really didnt know how good the Frequency Bangle felt until she took it off for a couple of weeks.

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How much do the Frequency Bangles cost?

Despite large increases in the price of silver, we have tried to maintain some price stability but we expect to have to raise our prices as the dollar declines and the price of silver rises.

frequency jewelry sizes and pricing informationThere are presently 5 different designs of Frequency Bangle and one anklet.

 All the designs are related to the provisional patent applied for and accepted with the US Patent office.

The Large Oval Frequency Bangle   is the most popular with persons who regularly weigh more than 170 pounds (79 kilos) and has faceted quartz crystals of different colors that measure 2.4 centimeters wide by 3.5 centimeters long. Its price is $1,180 and this does not include the cost of the pure silver spring links that presently cost $35 each. We will need your arm circumference measurement at the point between the biceps and the shoulder to size your bangle correctly. It is possible that in the near future we will be able to offer spring links in a less expensive silver-color alloy.  But pure silver has a very beneficial influence on the electrical body, so we’ll suggest the cheaper option only as a budget concession.

Smaller Frequency Bangles are intended for those who just don’t have big enough arms to wear the larger one. And the gemstones on this bangle are 2 centimeters wide by 2.9 centimeters long.

The Medium Oval Frequency Bangle is $880 plus the cost of spring links of pure silver at $35 each as of July 2015.

 The Medium Rectangular Bangle is $1080 plus the cost of spring links at $35 each.

 The Small Oval Bangle is $680 plus the cost of pure silver spring links at $35 each.

The Medium Oval Anklet is $780 and does not use spring links.

The bangles are all made in sterling silver except for the spring links that are made of pure silver. The Giant Bangle is not presently in production.

 All designs afford the greatest weight and surface skin contact area of all the faceted shape cuts. The sterling silver work is hallmarked and made with a strong durable linkage designed to last many years of permanent use.

All bangles include a 6 to 7 carat genuine red coral piece and one 8 to 9 carat pearl set into the first and last gem links as well.

The length of four spring links is 2.75 inches. By putting a piece of string on your arm between the bicep and deltoid and then measuring it with a ruler, you can get an idea of how large the bangle will need to be to fit you, and its subsequent cost. The length of the medium oval Frequency Bangle without the links is 7.7 inches.

The cost of the bangles does not include sales tax if you live in California.

And this retail price does not include the shipping and full insurance costs.

Please be reminded every bangle has a 31 day money back guarantee. This means after the date of arrival you have 31 days to inform Nick or Rich at Astrogems by email or phone that you wish to get a full cost refund on the bangle when it is returned by registered and fully insured UPS or FedEx.  The purchaser should post it promptly, within one week of deciding to return for a refund. Refunds will be posted to the purchaser by check within one week of its safe return. This refund does not include the cost of shipping and insurance, only the cost of the bangle.

For our customers in India:
We are not able to offer the 31 day money back guarantee for purchases made from our office in India.
If you are not satisfied with your Frequency Bangle you may return it, however, you are responsible for the cost of shipping and insurance to return the bangle. Additionally, there is a $100 return fee for standard bangles and a $150 return fee for customized bangles.


quartz chakra jewelry
yoga jewelry
Shakti Bangle

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Nick Hodgson informally answering questions about the Power Bangle with Angelica Christi.


What are the conditions for the full money back guarantee if I decide the Frequency Bangle is not for me?

We have sold a lot of Frequency Bangles now and so I would like to facilitate a more realistic expectation about this process.

Initially we sold them by letting friends and clients try them out free of charge that lived in the local area.

It is always essential to get a lot of testimonial feedback to discover how to make a more beneficial and powerful instrument. And this is what we have learnt.

Persons over 140 pounds usually enjoy the larger Frequency Bangle more than the smaller one.

Just a few under this weight range found the larger bangle to be energetically too much. And loved the calming and energizing effects of the smaller Frequency Bangle.

65% of those that tried the bangle decided that they wanted to keep wearing the bangle and buy it. About 20% of those who wore it expressed that they did not notice a big difference. About 55% of those who tried them out expressed a strong disbelief that someone could not feel the enjoyable effects on the consciousness of the bangle.

Most of those who wore and purchased the bangle were surprised that they went ahead and bought one. The biggest surprise they had was that they noticed they could calmly concentrate with much better results in meditation.

If the bangle is not for you then this would be the procedure for returning it:

1. Please send us an email informing us that you wish to return the Frequency Bangle ( ).

2. We highly recommend that you send it fully insured. You may return it to:

1106 Second Street #101
Encinitas, CA 92024

When we receive it in good condition, we will refund your credit card or send you a cheque, whichever is most convenient.

We cannot give a refund until we receive the bangle in good condition. (i.e.- crystals, coral and pearls are in good condition and not cracked, broken or missing. The metal casings and spring links are not bent.) Please package your bangle appropriately so it can make a safe return trip.

All buyers have 31 days after receiving their bangle to let us know that they would like a refund.

We do not refund costs of any insurance, packing, customs or shipping charges, there or back.

For our customers in India:
We are not able to offer the 31 day money back guarantee for purchases made from our office in India.
If you are not satisfied with your Frequency Bangle you may return it, however, you are responsible for the cost of shipping and insurance to return the bangle. Additionally, there is a $100 return fee for standard bangles and a $150 return fee for customized bangles.

  Medium Oval Frequency Bangle 
Rectangular Bangle Design
 Rectangular Frequency Bangle 


Yoga, Ayurvedic, Vedic Astrological Instrument and More

Is this amulet a Yoga, Ayurvedic, or Vedic Astrological instrument?

Because these ancient sciences are deeply interwoven, it is all of them and more.

In the dominant western pharmacological health model, Ayurveda like acupuncture is considered to be a form of alternative medicine, employing methods such as the use of herbs, massage, hatha yoga, asanas, and meditation to bring the body and mind into optimum balance. Ayurveda is grounded in a metaphysics of the 'five great Elements' (earth, water, fire, air and ether)—all of which compose the Universe, including the human body. Chyle , blood , flesh , fat , bone, marrow , and semen or female reproductive tissue are held to be the seven primary constituent elements. Ayurveda stresses a balance of three Humors or Energies: vata (wind/air), pitta (bile) and kapha (phlegm). According to Ayurveda, the three regulatory principles called Doshas ; are important for health, because when they are in balanced state, the body is healthy, and when imbalanced, the body has diseases. Ayurveda holds that each person possesses a unique combination of Doshas. It is believed that building a healthy energy field for the metabolic system, good digestion, and proper excretion leads to vitality. Thus, body, mind, and spirit/consciousness need to be addressed both individually and in unison for health to ensue. With this explanation of Ayurveda it is not surprising that wearing of electro- magnetic materials such as certain gems and metals is highly respected in the Ayurvedic system

People who wear astrological nine gem bangles (navaratnas) report the gems having a balancing and strengthening effect in a subtle yet obvious way. The same is reported by people who wear the multi-colored quartz gem Frequency Bangle. The big difference between the two is that the Frequency Bangle does what it is named after, in that it seems to allow for a better continuum of concentration allowing the meditator to do their technique with less distraction from within. This statement is based on testimonial feedback from people who have been meditating over 30 years and is an ongoing study.

Ayurvedic medicine also describes the body as having seven chakras which are electro-spiritual centers located along the spine and in the brain. Each chakra is associated with a color, function, and organ or bodily system. These chakras also have a direct correlation with the aura . According to the system of color therapy, these colors can become imbalanced or weakened and result in physical diseases, but these imbalances can also be corrected using the appropriate color as a treatment. Color is just another manifestation of stimulative resonance, harmonically similar to its counterparts in the musical scale, planetary radiation, vitamin, etc. The ancient rishis recommended the use of gemstones to mitigate negative karma amongst other therapies and is a specialist in this service field.

(To read more in depth on this subject click on:

For those who have the blessing of being able to see the human aura, it is obvious that color is a signature and fabric of our electrical being. When our aura is dark , has dark grey or brown areas or is too pastel in nature , disease and disharmony can develop quickly. Large colored quartz crystals touching the skin are considered to be potent stimulative balancers, strengthening the weaker electrical fields. However, large perfectly-grown colored quartz crystals were never available to the ancient rishis who had to rely on the gemstone materials nature and basic mining technology had provided . Since the inception of the internet and ten years before Nick Hodgson of www.astrogems .com pioneered the mass production and affordability of the nine gem astrological bangle and is very honored to be making discoveries in the chromatic healing field using gemstones for Ayurveda and karmic mitigation. Using extra large deep colored facetted quartz crystal gemstones that touch the skin is a new field of research that Nick is honored to be rediscovering. This field has not existed since the destruction of Atlantis.

Gem colors and their associations are described as:

gem therapy chart
Gem Therapy Chart
Color Chakra Chakra location Alleged function Associated system
Red First Base of the spine Stimulation Circulatory system
Orange Second Pelvis Energy levels Lungs
Yellow Third Solar plexus Purification Blood
Green Fourth Heart N/A Heart
Blue Fifth Throat Soothing illness and pain Throat
Indigo Sixth Forehead N/A Skin
Violet Seventh Top of the head N/A N/A



Are synthetic gemstones equal to natural gemstones?

synthetic crystal and lab grown crystal comparison with ruby
This is a common and quite significant question. There is in the minds of many people a misunderstanding between the terms synthetic, laboratory grown and natural gems. I am the only person that comprehensively offers laboratory grown crystals in emerald and ruby varieties and so I have made an exacting study of their nature. I also sell natural rubies and emeralds and understand their chemical indices. The trade practices act concerning Thomas Chatham and the jewelry industry asserts that if a crystal is grown in a laboratory, as a crystal, it is actually a laboratory grown crystal.

Synthetic gemstones, on the other hand, is a term applied to materials that have been melted, but that do not have a symetrical atomic lattice similar or identical to a natural gemstone. Synthetic sapphires and rubies outnumber lab-grown sapphires or rubies by a margin of well over ten thousand to one . But this does not stop the retailers from commonly promoting their synthetics incorrectly as lab grown. The laboratory growth process can take up to a year for a ruby. There is no evidence to suggest that when a ruby grew near the magma-flow of the same size, it didn't take the same period of time. The very, very important factor to consider is that the laboratory grown rubies are not enhanced or heated to change their color or melt or dissolve their inclusions.

If you have had the time to study the trade magazines on the gem industry, you will realize that there is an extremely high incidence of rubies that are heat-treated, and you cannot always tell, or see evidence of this process. Very, very often if the gemologist can not find evidence of heat treatment, the gem is certified as natural. It's simply not provable. This is why if you send the same batch of rubies to several different laboratories, they will come back with different conclusions as to whether they've been heated or not. A Gemological Institute of America's report appearing in their official magazine corroborates this observation. My personal experience demonstrates the comparison between natural and laboratory-grown gems. I recently purchased, on behalf of a client, a four-and-a-half carat emerald for ten-and a half thousand dollars. We bought it at the cutters, in, of all places, India. I submitted it to a GIA for a laboratory report. To this I added my own appraisal. They matched; it was a natural stone, oiled, of particularly good value for its depth of color and clarity. Significantly, it didn't have the depth of green of the laboratory-grown emeralds that I have available for forty to fifty-five dollars a carat.

Emerald Laboratory Grown
Laboratory-Grown Emerald Cluster set in
large Silver Pendant with Cut Emerald Crystals
Astrological Emerald Laboratory Grown
lab grown quartz compaired to natural quartz

Due to many such experiences, I strongly stand by the laboratory grown emeralds. One of the main reasons is that I've had many people wear natural emeralds, and then transfer to the laboratory-grown emerald crystals cut, faceted material, and those who compared both stones, definitely preferred the results they got from wearing the laboratory grown. I am openly ridiculed by other gem dealers and astrologers who have not had the same extensive observation I have and thus request the reader to analyze all the scientific data in the scientifically measurable qualities chart in the booklet between the crystals of different origin.

An Interesting story about laboratory grown emeralds

About ten years ago I was being aggressively challenged by some in the planetary gem community over my insistence that laboratory-grown emerald crystals were an excellent substitute for their naturally formed cousins which are more expensive and typically pale and included. The matter had reached a peak of fervor and no matter how much I employed pure science to point out how identical at the molecular level the two differently-sourced crystal gemstones were, my opposition would not agree with me.

For years I patiently endured these attacks behind the armor of my testimonial research and scientific inclinations. I was quite aware that, as the first person to tackle openly the old traditions with scientific logic and modern crystal growing technology, I was likely to get some flak, to put it mildly.
Some vendors were very upset that I could damage their strong emerald selling incomes. Others just plain refused to see that if we can grow excellent organic tomatoes in a laboratory greenhouse with the right environment of sunshine, soil, and pure water, then the laws Mother Nature somehow will oblige if we create a perfect laboratory environment for growing emerald crystals. (That could sell for only $40 dollars a carat.) Please remember that common synthetic gemstones are not in the category of a genuine laboratory gemstone crystal as they are not made using an authentic, slow crystal growing process.

I continued to respond to the criticism with emails respectfully explaining my logic. Still I was banned from joining certain astrological societies, etc.

synthetic crystals and lab grown crystals comparison

I had always wanted to ask a living master as to whether I was right or wrong about this, but never thought it would happen. Unless I could ask an avatar in the body like Swami Sri Yukteswar or an Anandamayi Ma, I felt this argument was never going to attain complete closure in my mind. This pressing issue was deeply important to me. Even though I was convinced, still I had to admit the possibility that in my human fallibility I could be in error.

An avatar is a being on Earth who, like Buddha or Christ, is one with the universal creative spirit and well beyond any kind of intellectual constraints. At the time there was only one living avatar on the planet to whom I could perhaps take this question, to confirm once and for all whether I was right about the karmic effects of laboratory grown crystals. The avatar was Amma and it came about that I was finally able to get her opinion.

On a visit to her San Francisco ashram near San Ramon, I took a lab grown crystal cluster with me. I have had the privilege over the years to work with Amma’s charitable gift shop and knew Swamini Amritakrishnaprana quite well, who is her full time personal assistant. I gave the emerald cluster to Swamini and asked to her to give it to Amma.

I didn’t feel the need to explain my request to Swamini as I had had many previous experiences with Amma where She knew my concerns before I voiced them and answered them without unnecessary conversation. Swamini handed Mother the emerald cluster during the darshan program, and I let the matter rest until late afternoon the next day.

yellow quartz which has been lab grown

When I saw Swamini then, she told me that something very unusual was happening. She said Amma is given jewelry and other gifts all the time during darshan and constantly passes them on to her assistants, later to be sold to raise money for her charities. But Swamini was surprised to notice that Amma kept the emerald cluster next to Her during the program and seemed to be playing with it. Afterward She took it to her room and even had it at the breakfast table the following day. Swamini said that she had never seen Amma do this before.
The next day Amma told Swamini that this emerald material is very good and should be included in the on-tour gift shop as an astrological stone for Mercury. When Swamini told me this, she couldn’t have realized how happy I was to find validation for the Astrogems approach to certain laboratory grown gemstones. Since that time Amma’s gift shop has been promoting and selling laboratory crystal emeralds as the favored Mercury stone to buy, and has asked me about the best source of supply.


Sometime later I told this story to one respected astrologer who strongly differed with me on the matter, and his reply was half right. He said that there many charlatan spiritual posers in India, and she had to be one of them. I share his healthy skepticism, but my deeply personal and profound experiences with Amma meant I could not disagree more with his assessment of a saint he had not had the pleasure of meeting.
Of course I would prefer to sell faultless natural emeralds if it were practical. But at over a thousand dollars a carat for what I consider to be suitable emerald material, I don’t feel the extravagance is worth it unless the client has abnormal wealth.

The above video presents more information on the theory behind how laboratory grown crystals can greatly enhance
your electrical body and consciousness, when worn in a way that allows for wide skin contact with deeply colored gems.

Is this bangle also a very powerful color therapy bangle?

Electromagnetic radiation of wavelengths that can be perceived by the human eye is known as “visible light.” This range of wavelengths, approximately 380 nm to 740 nm, is called the visible spectrum and it is just one limited segment of the larger spectrum of electromagnetic energy. The colors of the spectrum are electromagnetic radiation that we can see.

Quantum scientists explain that all matter is composed of light travelling in different patterns or speeds. So light and matter are essentially the same on a quantum level. Refining our light-bodies will manifest differences in what we perceive as our physical bodies. And a true color is a well-refined emanation of its wavelength.

But for color to be therapeutic it has to be transferred into the bioelectric body in a manner powerful enough to be influential. Sunshine, medicinal Lasers, infrared lamps, LED emitting diodes, and large ayurvedic gemstones are powerful healing tools for color energy transfer.

quartz healing crystal
quartz healing crystal laboratory grown
hydrothermal lab grown quartz crystal

Genuine crystals have unique qualities that allow for a transfer of electromagnetic energy. Just as magnets and superconductors work because their atoms are aligned to expedite the flow of energy, the unique architecture of a true crystal encourages the flow of electromagnetic energy along its lattice. This useful condition derives from the intelligent growth process by which a crystal is naturally formed. When the color of a crystal is taken into account, we have a material that conveys a beneficial photon and electron charged energy that corresponds to a specific wavelength.

A colored gemstone resonates with an electromagnetic wavelength specific to its color. When the gemstone is interacting with the subtle bioelectrical currents in the human body, it augments the resonance of its particular wavelength in the individual.

Because the electrical body’s requirements change as we change, it will effectively utilize different chromatic vibrations as required, even when we don’t consciously know it. Thus an effective instrument of electromagnetic gems should be composed in a balance of warming and cooling colored gemstones.

color therapy bracelet

In gemstone chromo therapy certain criteria determine the potency of the gem. Ideally a healing stone in chromo therapy should (A) have a crystal structure that is beneficial to the electrical body, (B) be amongst the harder gemstones in the mineral kingdom, (C) be as large as possible, (D) be a pure rainbow-tone color (E) be inclusion free and crystal clear (F) possess what is called “fire” in the facet cut, and (G) maintain firm and continuous skin contact in a comfortable manner.

Clearly it isn’t easy to convince a healthy skeptic who has been disappointed by unfulfilled promises in the past, especially if they wear a large-gem bangle and don’t feel anything unusual. However this science only exists because there are many who have experienced tangible or subtle benefits. Testimonial feedback has cited a subtle yet wonderful uplift to more harmonious states of being, resulting from gem color vibrations powerful enough to penetrate the electrical body. is a department of research of and stands behind its stimulative gemstone transitional products with a 31 day guarantee of satisfaction. If you are not satisfied you may return it for a full refund.

High quality and perfect laboratory grown crystals with no microscopic inclusions


Edgar Cayce

It would be remiss of me to not reference the legend that is Edgar Cayce in reference to his recorded life readings and other reference material regarding the subject of gemstones and color, the below questions and answers may not hit their mark without at least a very brief summary of his life.

Edgar Cayce

Born south of Hopkinsville, Kentucky in 1877 he is said to have agonized over the issue of whether his supposed psychic abilities—and the teachings which resulted—were spiritually legitimate. As a young man he developed a permanent form of aphonia -- a total loss of voice. In his search for a cure, he consulted a hypnotist to ask him the cause of the condition. He was told that his voice loss was due to psychological paralysis and could be corrected by increasing the blood flow to the voice box. While in hypnotic trance, Cayce sent an excess of blood flow to his neck and head and cured himself of this long term condition. The hypnotist was amazed he could cure himself and asked Cayce to analyze his health issues as another experiment. To the amazement of both men, Cayce was able to suggest useful cures. Following this experience Cayce was asked to intercede with the serious health problems of others. Initially he was reluctant, as he did not fully understand from where this power came and did not want to contradict any higher power. But he agreed on the condition that he do the readings free of charge. He practiced this talent until the end of his life, during which he gave thousands of life-readings which he never remembered upon returning to a conscious state but which were recorded for posterity. During his readings he answered questions about Reincarnation, Astrology, Universal laws, the Unknown Life of Jesus, Meditation, ESP, Atlantis, Egypt, health cures, diet, and gemstones. As his success and fame spread, he became known as "The Miracle Worker of Virginia Beach." Reports of Cayce's work appeared in newspapers, and his expanding notoriety led to many inquiries by post. Cayce found he was able to work just as effectively with a letter from the individual as he could with the person present. Given the person's name and location, he could diagnose physical and/or mental conditions and suggest a remedy. Soon people from around the world were seeking his advice through correspondence. Many of his health suggestions, radical at the time, have developed into respected naturopathic curative processes. And the details he expressed in trance demonstrated an inherent knowledge still marveled at by well studied metaphysicians.

yoga upper arm bangle

Q & A with Edgar Cayce

To accompany this brief introduction to Edgar Cayce and his profound accomplishments, I have collected some significant quotes given by him in his self -induced trance state to help answer some commonly asked questions.

Question: I have read about the life of the legendary sleeping prophet called Edgar Cayce. Can you mention what he has said about how gemstones can be helpful for meditation?

Answer: In the excerpts below Edgar Cayce alludes to amethyst being very helpful for meditation. The deep purple amethyst in the Frequency Bangle, is in balance with other soothing colored gems, is a significant component of the bangle. It is over 60 carats in weight with a large skin contact surface area to facilitate its electromagnetic influence.

Cayce has said:

“ [It is] Well that the entity have the stones or minerals about self when in periods of meditation, or in those periods when it may find itself more easily attuned to the influences that may use the body, either in the healing forces that flow through – through its attunements, or through the visions and the associations of the entity; [have] the chrysolite or the amethyst. For the color purple should be close to the body; and the perfumes or odors as of lavender have their influence – not as in great quantity, but [in] that [quantity] which makes for attunements.”

“ Amethyst stones should ever be a portion about the body, either in amulets or adornments about the body. These in their very vibration will make for an influence that has to do with the entity in its innate and manifested expressions in its associations.”

“In the choice of stones, do wear the amethyst as a pendant about the neck, as part of the jewelry. This will also work with the colors to control temperament. “

Edgar Cayce wrote a small book called “Auras”: In relation to the varied colors of amethyst he wrote. “Indigo and violet indicate seekers of all types, people who are searching for a cause or a religious experience. As these people get settled in their careers and in their beliefs, however, these colors usually settle back into deep blue. It seems that once the purpose is set in the right direction, blue is a natural emanation of the soul.”

anti depression jewelry
chakra jewelry

quartz magic bangle
vedic jewelry

Question: If I were to wear the stone, as suggested in a previous reading, would it improve my mental, physical or spiritual condition?

Answer: “ This naturally is to make, as indicated, the body more sensitive to the higher vibrations. Not so much in the physical health as in the mental and spiritual influences that would be materially aided.”

Here Cayce is agreeing with the therapeutic benefits of how the Himalayan rishi’s of India have recommended using gemstones. The ancient rishi’s believed that certain well colored clean gemstones of sufficient weight touching the skin helped to alleviate the weaknesses and disharmonies in our consciousness and electrical body, thereby assisting in the mitigation of Karma which logically leads to enlivened interest in more uplifting activities and preoccupations.

Question: ...Should I carry these stones on my person? And how may I know through meditation the message they would give me?

Answer: - [Carry on person touching the skin.] “ If necessary. And how may ye know? These do not give the messages! They only attune self that the Christ Consciousness may give the message! Listen to no message of a stone, of a number, even of a star; for they are but servants of the Lord and Master of all – even as thou!”

Question to Astrogems: I notice that your Frequency Bangle has a wide range of calming colored quartz gemstones; can you explain how you have come to this selection?

Answer: While I have been experimenting with many varieties of gems and bangles for the last 30 years, I have found this combination of gems to be the most powerful, as well as affordable, for strengthening, calming and healing benefits.

Five hundred years before the birth of Christ, Pythagoras, the first philosopher, used colors for healing. If pure colors are vibrations of spiritual forces, they should be able to facilitate and hasten healing in our more subtle electrical bodies. Music or indeed any profound vibratory spiritual and energizing environment acts as an aiding therapy.

However color therapy will not become widespread or practical until a balanced effective modality of delivery systems has been proven and experienced to a degree greater than the resistance of the established FDA and medical fields. If one has seen or accepts the truth of auras and is able to read them in order to discover what imbalance of physical, mental, and nervous disorders that can disturb a person is occurring. Then perhaps specific colored gems and other color therapies will have greater effect and recognition . However because it is hard to locate qualified persons who can use this approach. The recommended use of the complete Frequency Bangle with its wide array of strengthening and calming colors can act as a more holistic tool covering a greater variety of potential imbalances. The same can be supposed of the full nine gem navaratna talisman made by .

An aura is an effect, not a cause. Each person has a past of established tendencies, and the cycles of planetary electrical stimuli emanate changing color vibrations which emanate from them. Auric colors are a result of these adopted and predetermined karmic tendencies and Edgar Cayce was able to read and see them during his life, he wrote;

“ You can become color-conscious, and you can learn to read auras from people’s clothes and the colors you see predominant in their surroundings – their homes, their offices, even the colors of their automobiles, their dogs, and the flowers they have selected to grow in their gardens .”

“ Colors reflect the soul and the spirit, the mind and the body, but remember they indicate lack of perfection, incompleteness. If we were all we should be, pure white would emanate from us. Strive toward that, and when you see it in others, follow it as if it were a star. It is. But we who must take solace from smaller things can draw comfort from blue, get strength from red and be happy in the laughter and sunshine of golden yellow” “ Auras” by Edgar Cayce page 19 A.R.E Press

Again the legend that was Edgar Cayce when asked specifically if the activity within self is positive in its relationship to color.

“…consider the effect of the color itself upon thine own body as ye attempt to apply same by either concentration, dedication or meditating upon these. For as has been given, color is but vibration. Vibration is movement. Movement is activity of a positive or negative force. Is the activity of self as in relationship to these then positive?“ (281-29)

And also

chromotherapy jewelry
chakra bangle
“Then later they become the activities or the associations … For as has been indicated … this necessarily becomes a basic force or principle for the very activity. But it would also be well to learn the activity of the etheronic and the vibrations of the body, for these are they that produce color, that produce aura, that produce the activities seen as color.“ (1436-3)

The Cayce readings in agreement with rieki, yogic ,buddhist and many healing schools of thought , stated that these color vibrations are resident throughout the physical , mental and spiritual body and have a great effect upon their growth and welfare.

“…tones and sounds will be the channel through which the coordinating of forces for the body may make for the first of the perfect reactions…”  758-38

“In the harmony of sound, the harmony of color, even the harmony of motion itself, its beauty is all akin to that expression of the soul-self in the harmony of the mind, if used properly in relationship to [the] body.“ 3659-1

“…all vibration, color, and color with radiation…is to set the vibrations in the body for body-forces…“ 3370-1

And again Cayce implied in his readings the expansion of consciousness can be greatly aided by the correct kind of vibrations or radiations even to the degree of assisting psychic phenomena.

“All bodies radiate those vibrations with which it, the body, controls itself in mental, in physical, and such radiation is called the aura. The mediums, or a psychic in certain phases of psychic phenomena, gain their impressions from such radiations.”    5756-1

“For it is not strange that music, color, vibration are all a part of the planets, just as the planets are a part – and a pattern – of the whole universe.”     5755-1

“…the body mentally – and the body in its nerve reaction – would respond as quickly to color forces as it would to medicinal properties…”    4501-1

Obviously with the widespread interest and understanding that our spiritual growth has to do with unblocking our spinal chakras or spiritual centers of consciousness Cayce was asked -:

Question: Do the colors vary for each center with different individuals, or may definite colors be associated with each center?

Answer: Both. For to each – remember, to study each of these in the light not only of what has just been given, but that as is a practical experience in the material world –  as is known, vibration is the essence or the basis of color. As color and vibration then become to the consciousness along the various centers in an individual’s experience in meditation made aware, they come to mean definite experiences. Just as anger is red, or as something depressing is blue, yet in their shades, their tones, their activities, to each they begin with the use of same in the experience to mean those various stages. For instance, while red is anger, rosy to most souls means delight and joy – yet to others, as they are formed in their transmission from center to center, come to mean or to express what manner of joy; whether that as would rise from a material, a mental, or a spiritual experience. Just as may be seen in the common interpretation of white, but with all manner of rays from same begins or comes to mean that [which is] above the aura of all in its vibration from the body and from the activity of the mental experience when the various centers are vibrating to color.

The following question-and-answer quote by Edgar Cayce refers to the synergistic power related to a combination of crystals.

Question: What is the best substance for induction, conduction, transmission of etheronic energy?

Answer: “This is as raised power that would be produced from a combination of crystals. This should be rather interesting to this body, for it is very much like that used by the body in destructive forces in the Atlantean sojourn! Not that which caused the cosmic ray, or the death ray, or the healing ray – but the ray that came from setting of the prismatic influences from high heating – it may be from Arcturus or it may be from the sun; though Arcturus would be nearer proper. The sun may be induced to make for destructive or constructive forces, either one.”

healing quartz crystalsThe following two excerpts also allude to using gemstones for their helpful vibrations and for attuning oneself to the Creative Forces of the universe.

“For, as is understood by the entity, all creation is a manifestation of that creative influence or force called God; and these elements [in stones] bring such to this body, for they are a part of the evolution of vibration – as may be seen from the entity’s development through the earthly sojourns as well as through the astrological sojourns that have been a part of the entity’s experience…

Thus, as these elements are a part of its creations, so may they bring those helpful vibrations about the entity. Not merely as an omen; for each soul is part of the whole creation, and gives off that help, or
that urge which is latent and manifested in the relationships with others. So may these elements bring helpful environs, helpful forces in the experience of the entity.”

Question to Astrogems: Why do you have red coral in the bangle?

Answer: My research and testimonial feedback confirm that it is not possible to duplicate the creative and warming influence of red coral using a crystal gemstone. I consider the red coral a unique beneficial balancing vibration, and so I've included it in the Frequency Bangle. Here are some comments by Edgar Cayce when asked about coral.

yoga upper arm bangle

Question: Are there any colors or jewelry that I should wear in order to have better vibrations? If so, what?

Answer: Any of jewelry or ornaments that are of coral would be well; for this is – as it represents, as it is in itself of Creative Forces, or from the water itself. Red, white or coral in any form.

Hence we find, because the activities of the entity through the earth have involved and do involve the lives and activities of the many, the elements which are of nature’s vibrations would have, do have, much to do with the entity’s activity.

Coral should be about the entity at all times; worn – not as a charm, not other than the vibrations of the body as related to same. Because of the very nature of its construction, and the very activity of the
soul forces of the entity, this [coral] would become a helpful influence in the experience of the entity. Hence this we would wear about the body, but against the flesh.

All things that have to do with such as marine activities will be a part of the entity’s ultimate activity in this material experience… For, a birth into materiality is not by chance, but that the will of the Creative Forces may make manifest in the experience of each soul its purpose in a material and mental plane.

Through the very indications of that element as would be helpful in its experience (the coral), we find that the entity is highly sensitive to intuitive forces, spiritual aspects, spiritual imports. pp 17-18

“Yet there are those things that make for harmony in their relationships as one to another, as do the turmoil’s of the mother-water that brings forth in its activity about the earth those tiny creatures that in their beginning make for the establishing of that which is the foundation of much of these in materiality. Hence the red, the deep red coral, upon thine flesh, will bring quietness in those turmoil’s that have arisen within the inner self…” p 60

Question to Astrogems: Because the Frequency Bangle also has a pearl, what did Edgar Cayce say about wearing the pearl?

Answer: “The pearl should be worn upon the body, or against the flesh of the body; for its vibrations are healing, as well as creative – because of the very irritation as produced same, as a defense in the mollusk that produced same. Those activities of the body pertaining to the emotions are well within the experience – whether for physical exercise or for strengthening of the poise.” p 34

“The stone – the pearl should be worn close to the body; not as adornment, but rather as that which gives strength to the body.”

“From the sojourns of the entity in Neptune we find rather the influences of the water, as well as things coming from water, are a part of the entity’s experience. Thus the entity should ever keep a pearl aboutthe self or upon the person, not only for the material vibration but for the ideal expression. For, it will be an omen – not only because of the vibrations that it may give to self but because of keeping the even temperament, yea the temper itself. For the entity can get mad, and when it is mad it is really mad! “ pp 34-35

quartz amulet
ayurvedic jewelry

Question: What hobbies will benefit me most in developing any latent talent or ability I may possess?

Answer: The study of stones – especially precious stones. Not necessarily the owning of same, but what part they have played, do play – not in the lives of the idle rich, nor of those so begone by carnal forces; rather that ye may gain by keeping a pearl close about thy body. p35

A great deal more information of this type can be found in the book Gems and Stones: Based on the Edgar Cayce Readings, published by the ARE Press, Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have long been an enthusiastic admirer of Cayce for his pioneering information about gems and stones at a time many decades before the wisdom of Ayurvedic gemstone lore reached American shores. If one has enjoyed some of these quotes I recommend purchase of this book.

Below are more excerpts from his life readings.

“ In giving that which may be helpful it is necessary, for this mind or body seeking same, that there be rather the analysis of the composition of the stones as related to their vibrations – as relate then to a human body, see?

“Either of these show a variation of their composition; as to the elements of those influences that make for vibrations in the ether as related to that which may be effective in drawing to or disseminating from – through, of course, the vibrations being those that are of the positive and negative natures in the very stone itself – making for, then, the analysis; knowing same by what is called the constituents of it, through the mineralogy, the activity through those channels themselves. We would then find that the one that is nearer in accord to the vibrations of the body that may use same would be the more effective with that particular body. Yet the very nature of the thing makes it effective with any – any – human body, you see; but the more effective with one that is more in accord, or whose positive and negative vibrations are according with the stone itself, see? For it throws off as well as draws in, you see, through the positive-negative vibration. This assists, then, in the unison as a relationship. This is as a comparison – don’t confuse it and say that it is electricity; it is electrical, of course, in its vibration, but as the stone in its vibration is then in sympathy with a body that is also sympathetic – or may be said to be sensitive – it assists in “stepping up” the sensitiveness of the body as would the electrical vibration in an alternating force step up by the addition of influences or forces of electrical vibration being thrown off from other channels in making it more powerful. See? Towards what? Towards the effectiveness in its sensitiveness (that is, the body) as to what it may be seeking. Hence, as given of old, use such for the abilities to become more of all those influences called in the present psychic, clairaudient, or any of those vibrations that build up or “step up” a body. Also effective, of course, in bringing to the body the abilities to become more effective in giving out of itself for activity in any of these various directions. “pp 49-50

“But, as the body should comprehend in regard to all such influences, it is as to what the body does about same; not that it relies upon such, but knowing that such influences aid in increasing the ability or efficiency in the periods of exertion or activity, use them rather as stepping-stones and not those things upon which the activities in a mental and spiritual plane would be builded. They are step stones rather than foundations, then, in the experience.” P 50


What is Quartz and can you describe the crystal material you use?

Clear transparent crystal quartz is a compound of one part silicon and two parts oxygen, silicon dioxide, (SiO2.) It is made up of a continuous framework of SiO4 silicon-oxygen tetrahedra, with each oxygen being shared between two tetrahedra.

The quartz crystals that we facet cut belong to the trigonal crystal system. The ideal crystal shape is a six-sided prism terminating with six-sided pyramids at each end. In nature quartz crystals are often twinned, distorted, or so inter-grown with adjacent crystals of quartz or other minerals as to show only part of this shape, or to lack obvious crystal faces altogether and appear massive. Quartz's typical termination is composed of two sets of three rhombic faces that can look like a six sided pyramid.

Quartz grows at 1300 °C and at a pressure of approximately 35 kilo bars. . Laboratory grown quartz has a much higher molecular symmetry in the crystals atomic lattice than its natural counterpart which will also absorb a host of trace elements that disturb the crystal structures continuum. The bonds between the oxygen and silicon atoms are "kinked" or bent in normal quartz and much much less so in quartz grown in a controlled environment where not foreign materials can disturb the crystal growth process at the nano level.


How do the quartz crystal gems in the Frequency Bangle get their color?

colored quartz that was grown in a laboratory

Some crystalline minerals, such as quartz and calcite, can occur naturally in all colors. Certain colors such as blue and red occur very rarely. The presence and intensity of certain elements determines a specimen’s color. Different minerals or oxides of minerals can also create a color in a gemstone. For example, an emerald from Brazil is a beryl that’s colored green by vanadium oxide and one from Columbia is made green by trace amounts of chromium.

Golden yellow citrine is quartz that has ferric impurities, but it is rarely found naturally. Ninety-nine percent of jewelry grade citrine is in fact artificially heated amethyst or smoky quartz. Brazil is the leading producer of citrine, with much of its production coming from the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Though it is one of three traditional birthstones for the month of November, you can be sure that most people wearing this stone are unaware that it is cooked or radiated smoky quartz at extreme temperatures to pull out the yellow color. The citrine quartz gems in our Frequency Bangle are grown with a trace amount of ferrous oxide carefully included in the laboratory crystal growth process under extreme heat and pressure to create a perfect and unadulterated citrine crystal that has not been altered after the fact by heat or irradiation like their natural counterparts.

Amethyst, a purple variety of quartz, is given its purple color by traces of iron. The amount of iron present determines the intensity of the color. The great majority of dark amethyst used in jewelry the world over is in fact laboratory grown purple quartz, and this information is not usually passed on to the retailer or buyer. Even if the jeweler was to take the laboratory quartz to a gemological testing lab, they would not be able to tell the difference as the refraction, specific gravity, etc. are the same. The most often tell tale sign is that under a microscope the color is perfect without any color zoning.

healing bracelet

Rose quartz is a type of quartz which exhibits a pale pink to rose red hue. The color is usually due to trace amounts of titanium, iron, or manganese.

Interestingly, if a laboratory grown quartz is bombarded with gamma Irradiation it will cause electrons to be ejected from some of the oxygen atoms but it will not change the quartz crystal from its colorless condition. Many natural quartz gemstones are irradiated because the impurities in the crystal structure will generate a green, yellow, violet or brown hue when heated or irradiated depending on which trace elements are in the crystal. When this occurs those gemstones are sold as green or lime quartz etc for a much higher profit margin. But the quartz crystals in the Frequency Bangle have not been heated or irradiated the way so called natural green quartz, for example, has been.

Here is an example of what happens when nature creates a yellow sapphire. The addition of aluminum (Al) to the silicon dioxide (SiO2) structure (about 1 Al atom for every 10000 Si atoms) results in a change in color in the crystal. If Al3+ replaces the Si4+ ion in the SiO2 framework to maintain electrical neutrality of the crystal, a proton (H+) could be present. When the crystal growing process, ruled by the laws of nature, deposits an electron from an oxygen atom near the aluminum ion, the electron can be trapped by the proton. The whole (AlO4)5- entity creates a "hole" color centre, being converted to (AlO4)4.

When trace amounts of elements are added to colorless gemstones, brilliant colors are frequently produced. When chromium is added to colorless white sapphire by Mother Nature, a red ruby is born, and a green emerald emerges when chromium is added to colorless beryl. Diamonds can be colored blue or yellow by the addition of impurities. So many gemstones, including the facetted quartz gemstones in the Frequency Bangle, have distinctive colors that come from the presence of trace amounts of transition metals in an otherwise transparent crystal lattice. This can be because of a so-called crystal-field or “ligand-field” effect. In the ligand field effect, the field exerted by the host crystal on the guest impurity fixes the energy levels of the latter as a photon absorber. Put another way, the chemical bonding between the host crystal and guest trace element always involves the donation of electrons from the host crystal to empty energy levels in the metal impurity, binding the metal to the crystal.

Here are some examples of how different gemstones can be created by different elements.

how different gemstones can be created by different elements


What are the unique piezoelectric properties of Quartz?

quartz crystals laboratory grown

Most pure gemstones have unusual properties on account of the symmetry and alignment of the molecular lattice coupled with the lack of obstruction to the electron influence. Pure Quartz has a particular strength in piezoelectric properties and it is also exceptionally affordable.; Pure quartz is proven to reliably generate an electric field or in response to applied mechanical stress. The effect is closely related to a change of polarization density within the material's volume.

In physics, the electric dipole moment is a measure of the separation of positive and negative electrical charges in a system of charges, that is, a measure of the charge system's overall polarity.

The nature of the piezoelectric effect is closely related to the occurrence of electric dipole moments. The latter may either be induced for ions on crystal lattice sites with asymmetric charge surroundings (as in BaTiO3 and PZTs) or may directly be carried by molecular. The dipole density or polarization (dimensionality [Cm/m3]) may easily be calculated for quartz crystals by summing up the dipole moments per volume of the crystallographic unit cell. As every dipole is a vector, the dipole density P is also a vector or a directed quantity. Dipoles near each other tend to be aligned in regions called Weiss domains. The domains are usually randomly oriented, but can be aligned during poling (not the same as magnetic poling), a process by which a strong electric field is applied across the material, usually at elevated temperatures.

Piezoelectricity may then manifest in a variation of the polarization strength, its direction or both, with the details depending on 1. The orientation of P within the crystal, 2. Crystal symmetry and 3. The applied mechanical stress. The change in P appears as a variation of surface charge density upon the crystal faces, i.e. as a variation of the electrical field extending between the faces, since the units of surface charge density and polarization are the same, [ C/m2] = [Cm/m3]. In fact, however, piezoelectricity is not caused by a change in charge density on the surface, but by dipole density in the bulk. For example, a 1 cm3 cube of quartz with 2 kN (500 lbf) of correctly applied force can produce a voltage of 12,500 V.

Piezoelectric materials also show the opposite effect, called converse piezoelectric effect, where the application of an electrical field creates mechanical deformation in the crystal.

The human body has several different kinds of electrical current and though some of these are yet to have instruments created that are able to measure and differentiate them. Their interaction with any crystal material that can act as a balancer or amplifier is worthy of much further research. Unfortunately at the point in limited technological instrumentation we sadly have to rely on those sensitive to measure changes in personal consciousness to gauge worthiness of this science.

An early use of the piezoelectrical properties of quartz crystals was in sonar and phonograph pickups. One of the most common piezoelectric uses of quartz today is with the crystal oscillator. The quartz clock or watch is also a familiar device using the pure crystal mineral.


For thousands of years the spiritual elites in India have revered the use of Gemstones for assisting ones karmic pattern by altering it through the use of gemstones touching the skin. Can you explain this science and how it applies to the Frequency Bangle?

karma protection bangle

Remedial use of precious gemstones for healing and karmic change is an ancient science in India. According to legend, the Goddess Parvati, consort of Lord Shiva , asked him to find a new way to alleviate humankind’s suffering.
According to the ancient texts of the Ratna Rasayna and Damar Tantra, wearing colored crystal gemstones in good contact with the skin offers a unique bounty of electromagnetic radiations via their molecular intelligent alignment, giving a supplementary boost of needed energy or resonance that stimulates the glands and other parts of the body into a more vital balance. This energy absorption occurs via the chakras along the spine, from which all the organs draw their needed different energy requirements.
The actual subtle energy boost comes via the unencumbered flow of electron radiation that can travel and amplify down the alignment of the gem crystals molecular alignment.
The ancient Kurma Purana explains that all creation is made of rays or radiations, in complete agreement with the more modern outlook of quantum physics, namely that these rays or waves are the foundation of our material and ether-based Universe.
Principally there are nine rays or the nine colors of the rainbow (infra-red, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and ultra-violet) which, when harmonically balanced, create white (visible) light. As well as the color vibrations of the nine planets, there are the seven notes of music ( in the Indian system) (Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Sa), the seven systems of Ayurveda (Chyle, Blood, Flesh, Fat, Bone, Marrow, Sperm), the five panchbhutas (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether), the five primeval Vayus (Prana, Apana, Samana, Udana and Vyana), and the five senses (Smell, Taste, Touch, Sight, and Hearing).

yoga upper arm bracelet
All of these energy systems can resonate and complement the nine cosmic colors and when out of balance can be stimulated to greater balance and strength through the use of astrological ayurvedic gemstones, as well as other stimuli such as pujas, mantras, affirmations, positive thinking, prayer, herbs, bio-energy healing, blessings from saints or advanced souls, fasting, and so on. The evolution of humanity has interacted and developed with the subtle environmental electrical influences of the planets rays. Many people simply do not understand that even though the planets are many millions of miles away they are very large and in a non resistant vacuum called space. This vacuum offers a perfect medium for their powerfull electro magnetic radiations to bombard our atmosphere. Because most humans do not realize that our life force or vitality is electrical in nature, they do not follow a lifestyle or scientific interest that is strengthening and uplifting to it .
When our past actions and thoughts have damaged our receptivity to the harmonious electrical planetary nutrition or stimuli and thus we suffer the karmic results.
When we are wearing a large crystal gemstones of similar needed harmonic resonance it gives our electrical body a much needed supplement to increasing our good karma. Most jewelry is useless for aiding our karmic blueprint not being of good color quality, lacking in dosha balance and not in constant skin contact.
The Frequency Bangle has large crystal gemstones that offer a wide range of radiations that have a frequency of pure color can be used in a strengthening, vitalizing, balancing, and healing manner ( Please see the testimonial page). The use of benign rays for optimum equilibrium aids in keeping the mind and body healthy. Our absorption of these rays is continually adjusting dependent on our karmic blueprint, formed by past thoughts, words, and actions in previous lives and in this one. When our receptivity to these essential life giving rays is limited due to negative past karma, it is then that a gemstone's subtle electromagnetic radiation can be most helpful.



Are your prices Very competitive?

I find it quite amusing to see many different websites claiming to have gems so reasonably priced.

To deliver the same sales lines that these businesses do is something that over the years I have decided to stay away from.

I travel overseas generally twice a year. My last trip took me to seven countries in ten weeks.

Nick Hodgson hand selecting pearls on site in China
Here is Nick in a city in China that specializes in Pearls of all varieties.
It is a fun process being surrounded by such beauty and choice. It is only by going to the different centers around the world that we can cut out the middle man and offer more affordable quality verses price. It is easy to find an inexpensive gemstone but weight and quality verses price is why Astrogems has been so successful for the last 20 years.


ayurvedic astrological pearlIt was no holiday going to the mines and cutting centers to get unadulterated, un-enhanced gems. Different countries have the best source of supply for the best quality gems and I have to visit these places to make my quality gems affordable.

With the volumes I buy, and the endurance it takes to get to some of these places, I can afford to offer my gems at much more reasonable prices. But I really don’t want to enter into this accolade. In reality, customers go to where they are attracted to. It’s a karmic thing. Some resonate to the repetitious assurances of salespeople who make great claims to be intuitive, psychic or whatever. Others will believe blindly that a particular gemstone is the best, most stunning , sattwic, cut crystal, this side of Mars.

Some dealers will abuse their knowledge of astrology in order to convince a person to buy a certain gem that they just happen to have in their stock. The list goes on and on.

But it is really up to the individual. We don’t even have the time to list our stones on the web. We are generally very busy and don’t spend much energy on advertising or promoting. We have two full time jewelers here on location and if I could find more quality people to do this kind of work I would hire them immediately.

Most of our orders come from past clients who have, without financial motive, enthusiastically recommended us. Its that simple. We have an extensive range of gems that I have acquired in my travels, and I will buy back any stone at full price if a person wants to upgrade a stone . The gems that get traded in do not get resold, but go into a donation kitty used for cancer patients, monastics, etc.

But getting back to the question of the best price, many gem sellers point their clients away from the less expensive substitute gems. This is something that I really object to. They often tend to sell gems that are not so easy to locate in order to imply that the rarity of the gem has something to do with its effectiveness. One example of this is the Zircon, which can be bought inexpensively, but is virtually always heated and is generally not available in the jewelry stores; hence its marketability by an astrological gem seller.

The approach we favor is to purchase the original gem types that the rishis recommended and then trade up if a person's budget is less than their ambitions. It may take a year or more of balanced trade back procedures, but the final navaratna instrument will last many years and be passed on as a wonderful heirloom.


I see that the bangle is worn around the upper arm. Is that comfortable?

pure silver spring link contracted                    pure silver spring link expanded

As you can see from these photos, the bangles have expandable spring links, so that when you flex your arm, the bangle expands, for maximum comfort. The upper arm is the best place to wear the bangle, because it gives the gems maximum skin contact, and the bangle is out of the way.


How do I adjust the size of the Bangle?

Often our clients discover the need to adjust the size of their bangles as their weight fluctuates or their exercise habits change. Adding or removing one of the expandable spring links is an easy operation.

how to add or remove a spring link figure 1Below are three drawings of the underside of a sequence of spring links. In Figure 1 the flat plate of one spring link has been bent up by about a quarter of an inch. (In the drawing the angle of the plate is slightly exaggerated.) This “mouth” of the link can be opened with a knife or even a strong fingernail.


how to add or remove a spring link figure 2With the plate up like this, the sliding U-bar joiner can pass through so that the links can be uncoupled (Fig. 2). With the desired number of links in place and the U-bar re-coupled, the mouth can be closed again by pressing the plate down with finger pressure (Fig 3).


how to add or remove a spring link figure 3




We advise clients to purchase an extra spring link with each bangle in case their arm size should change in the future. The bangle should fit comfortably enough that the wearer is generally not aware of it on the arm. For better comfort most clients wear it with the gem section of the bangle touching the inside part of the arm.


How do I add or remove links in the Bangle?

Figure 1. You’ll need a strong, sharp-pointed tool such as a pick or a geometry compass, and angled pliers.

Figure 2. The point of the pick tool must be small enough to fit into the gap in the metal flange.

Figure 3. As you push the pick down into the gap, it will force the flange open.

how to add or remove links from a bangle figure 1     how to add or remove links from a bangle figure 2     how to add or remove links from a bangle figure 3

Figure 1                                                                             Figure 2                                                                           Figure 3


Figure 4. When the flange is opened enough, you can uncouple the adjacent link. You can use the pick to urge the link out of the opening. In this way you can add or remove a spacer link, or swap a gem link for a spacer link, etc.

Figure 5. To re-connect the links, crimp the flange into a closed loop with small pliers. You may wish to use a piece of paper or card stock between the pliers and the link to avoid scratching.

Figure 6. Sometimes it's helpful to half close the loop with a vise before crimping it. Set the link horizontally in the vise and carefully apply pressure to push the loop toward a closed position and then finish with the pliers.

how to add or remove links from a bangle figure 4    how to add or remove links from a bangle figure 5     how to add or remove links from a bangle figure 6

Figure 4                                                                           Figure 5                                                                             Figure 6


Figure 7. If you only want to add a small spacer, it's easiest to attach it between the spring links and the last gem link (usually the cat's eye).

Figure 8. The spring link can be detached without tools, and you only need the pliers to crimp the loop of the spacer closed.

how to add or remove links from a bangle figure 7     how to add or remove links from a bangle figure 8

Figure 7                                                                             Figure 8

Of course many people send the bangle back for alterations and we are happy to do this also.
Before sending the bangle back please always inform Nick or Rich by email at or phone 760-632-1999.


I have noticed that the bangle recently got uncomfortable and even a bit hot. I tried putting it on the other arm but it was still a littel uncomfortable and one of the gems even seems to be burning my skin, can you explain this? After all these years of wearing it  and really loving it this seems a little strange.

     It sounds like you were moving into a planetary shift and hence your electrical body's demand for the crystal energy increased suddenly to a noticeable degree. This can be explained by the need for the electrical body to acquire a supplement of electromagnetic energy when the horoscope indicates that certain planets are moving into a weakened position. When this occurs, the higher intelligence of the electrical body based in the chakras understands that it requires more color resonance and hence goes to any available source.

    If a source of this supplemental resonance is not available for an extended period of time, physical or mental disease can manifest. Extended lack of integration of the essential planetary electromagnetic radiation stimuli is not just one source of disease and suffering but is THE greatest source of disease and suffering.  It is how our karma comes to us, both positive and negative.

     The different colored crystals touching the skin can greatly shift this equation away from being so dire. When our electrical body is receptive to planetary energy due to a benign position of the planets in our horoscope, the presence of the bangle is not so obvious. When a person suffers from an imbalance of planetary receptivity, he or she often feels and appreciates their bangle a lot more. Extreme imbalances often do not last for more than three to six months, but can go on for a more extended time.

     At times we have had bangle clients tell us that the skin under a particular gem is getting irritated or damaged . Paramahansa Yogananda mentioned this phenomenon which is well known in India. When a planet is in a debilitated position, it means the individual cannot receive the needed planetary nutrition for a healthy electrical body. It can darken one's aura and also alter one's disposition to be less positive. The electrical body acts a little like our digestion in that it automatically seeks the type of nutrition that is currently deficient. Each ayurvedic astrological gemstone has a harmonic frequency similar to a particular planetary radiation. Our intelligent electrical body knows to focus on pulling out as much of the needed frequency of a specific planet as possible.
     Just recently for instance I spoke with two ladies who were making full recoveries from breast cancer and had both acquired nine gem bangles at the beginning of this condition. In the same week, and without talking to each other, they both told me that after chemotherapy they had developed a large, serious rash on the arm under the bangle. They both realized that they were going through a period of detoxing from the chemotherapy and that the skin around the bangle was detoxing more rapidly. Having studied my website they both knew when this occurred that it was important to continue wearing the bangle and to change the bangle to the other arm if needed. When they did so, the rash again developed on that arm under the bangle's location. Unlike most clients they knew that the right thing to do was to change the position of the bangles as needed. They were both quite sure that the bangle was helping them detox and they felt much stronger while wearing the bangle.

     Often I have had a particular example of feedback from clients who've been wearing and loving their bangles for years. They felt  that they'd integrated so well with their bangle from the first week that they barely knew they were wearing it. Then at some point it suddenly became uncomfortable and they wanted to remove it. Strangely enough when this happens it has been at the exact period when they have needed the bangle most according to their horoscope. At times when the electrical body increases its demand for the gems' energy, it can sometimes make the bangle uncomfortable. Yogananda explained that when this occurs, there can be external forces that are trying to get the wearer to remove the astrological bangle so they can receive the full force of their negative karma. He emphasized that at times like this, one definitely should not remove the bangle.

     With the meditation or shakti bangles, I have observed many individuals who upon wearing it have almost immediately gone into a mild form of healing crisis accompanied by fatigue. Those who have the patience to endure this go from a mindset of not particularly liking the bangle to loving it after they break through this resonance shift. I could write much more extensively on this subject, but have found it easier to discuss the subject in our online videos.

       In summary, I've made many unusual observations of individuals wearing gem bangles over the past 30 years. I am in a unique position to analyze the commonalities amongst the reactions of over 2,500 bangle wearers during that time. I'm hoping and praying that more people wake up to this amazing therapeutic science. The main roadblock is that humankind in our time harbors the delusion that it is a physical being and not an electrically-based being. If they had truly digested this reality, they would be more receptive to the ancient science explained by the rishis, and would be very interested in supplementing their life force with gemstones.


I have recently gotten my bangle and not only does it feel uncomfortable but it also has given me a rash. What is causing this?

Rash possibly caused by frequency bangle

In the thirty years that I have been making nine gem bangles and more recently the deeply colored quartz "Frequency Bangles" for clients from all over the world. I occasionally get this response. It's not really that surprising. Many individuals are simply unaware of how out of harmony in body and mind they are. This imbalance can often mean that weaknesses are ongoing until a shift in frequency initiates movement toward the status quo. This is not to say they are not wonderful individuals with some great qualities. But their physical patterns can be struggling with their higher nature or optimal health to say the least.

The way the bangles mitigate karma is by uplifting and supplementing a needed bioelectric frequency enhancement to the individual's electrical and psychological body. It is interesting to note that clients who have cancer can be amongst the most usual to have the "uncomfortable" reaction like this.

The process of frequency upliftment is a bit like a process of purification and strengthening. When this occurs it is not uncommon for the individual to have some kind of transitional and detoxing reaction. This very commonly occurs if the individual has also had a lengthy or heavy course of medication and has not followed it up with a detoxing diet. Many times a rash or blister can occur under the bangle when a person is taking or has taken a toxic medication like antibiotics or blood thinners. The energy around the bangle is very enhancing to the immunity and elimination processes. So it is not surprising the bangle can bring out this kind of reaction.

Certain astrological pure metals and gems when made and worn correctly, harmonically resonate, strengthen and supplement the benign forms of electromagnetic frequency that surround us and are of benefit to us. It is important to remember that just as all animals have evolved as an adaption to their environment so too man has evolved very sensitively to the more refined electromagnetically charged atmospheric environment and we have evolved into utilizing these benign (planetary) radiating frequencies down the millennia.

All planets have a magnetosphere or magnetic field of different strengths and nature. This is an obvious example of the radiating waveforms that emanate from them into the solar system. Though extremely subtle, they nonetheless have a direct influence in the subtle areas of our karma.

Paramahansa Yogananda who wrote the amazing book "Autobiography of a Yogi" printed by Self- Realization Fellowship, wrote a letter once that said the following:

"According to astrological laws, to do away with bad influences of planets there is nothing better than a bangle. Every two bodies of the universe attract. When this adhesive power of the body cells becomes lax with the advance of old age, the planetary pull becomes stronger, causing more laxity of the cells, inviting disease and mental disturbance. The bangle and its combinations of metals as fixed by the Rishis, emanate electrical rays unseen by human eyes which counteract all planetary vibrations. Just as a lightening rod is affixed to a house to absorb the falling thunder and lightening, so the bangle is a lightning rod to absorb the ferocity of bad planetary rays falling on the body. When disease attacks the body, or accidents are attracted by bad karma, or business troubles occur due to a weak body or disturbed nerves hence disturbed mind, the bangle will lessen the force of a physical or mental attack of karma.

Besides, I heard Master say many times that Satan creates in the mind of the bangle wearer the impulse to take the bangle off so he could uninterruptedly punish him through the instrument of bad karma of past lives. I remember definitely instances of cases where a person could not wear the bangle as the arm rotted under it. One person had to change position of the bangle three or four times. He was cured of paralysis and some kind of fits. The bangle will also modify and lessen any wrong influences of business. Sometimes, to take the bangle off when one needs to - even in that moment is dangerous. I write this only to emphasize the laws of atomic electronic vibrations which God created and the Rishis discovered to counteract the evil planetary influences on the human body."
Rash possibly caused by frequency bangle

We have also often found that when a person is going through a particularly negative transit in their horoscope it can mean that their karmic pattern is just not functioning to allow them to integrate or absorb the needed subtle stimulation of that planetary radiating frequency. When a planet is weak in the chart it is at this time that the negative karma can manifest.

What seems to happen is that because the body's electrical field cannot receive sufficient planetary stimuli due to a planet that is compromised in one's chart, it will focus and draw more from the gemstone that represents the compromised planet.

The ancient rishis knew and promoted deeply colored astrological gemstones based on their similar harmonic resonance to the planetary radiations. Because the higher mind of the body is able to detect and utilize the gem's vibratory influence, it can draw on it much more when the need is greater than usual. It is for this reason we have discovered time and time again that skin under that particular gemstone can rot or burn the skin.

Often if an individual has been in the hospital with severe medications I am almost reluctant to sell them a bangle until I feel they have done a good deal of detoxing. The reason for this is that the bangle will begin battling to bring the wearer back to health. This process can be a bit uncomfortable and misconstrued by the wearer as the bangle having a negative effect on them.

Commonly, the wearer will not realize that the small discomfort they experience is actually just a taste of what is happening while their energy patterns are rebalancing. Had they not been wearing the bangle, I suspect a much more intense healing crisis would have ensued to create the same degree of rebalancing.


Some notes and advice on wearing the multi-gem meditation bangle for the first time

chromotherapy bracelets for color puncture

When analyzing feedback from thousands of clients (who have worn my gem bangles cumulatively for approximately forty thousand years), I often feel like a scientist studying a completely new and unexplored field. I believe that this is a profoundly important science with enormous benefit to humankind, and that these benefits will become more obvious and accepted in the not too distant future as this science is more deeply explored. And I have to say that I feel privileged to be a pioneer in this field of research.

Some people don't like the idea of wearing such a large piece of jewelry and frankly, I wish I could make the bangle smaller. However, through years of experimentation and trial and error, I have found this to be the optimum size for it to positively affect one's electrical body.

The multi-gem bangle has an explicitly defined range of frequencies and amplitudes of electromagnetic resonance. Different people respond to the bangle's influence in different ways, but there are some commonalities that I feel should be explained. One significant finding from the feedback I have received is that some people, after wearing the bangle for a day or two, experience some discomfort and feel the urge to take it off. This discomfort is reported as more mental and emotional than physical. Some people report that they "just don't feel quite right" or that they feel outside of their normal psychological comfort zone.

The reason for this discomfort is that when one introduces a device of high vibratory resonance to their body, a significant shift in the body's own vibratory rate will occur. In fact the whole purpose of the bangle is to create this shift. However, shifting ones electrical/vibratory frequency too quickly can be disquieting for some, and this rapid shifting of energy is the cause of the reported discomfort. But this discomfort is temporary and vanishes completely after a few days or a week at the most. Those who have ridden through this period of unease without removing their bangles have reported a profound positive shift in their well-being.

In fact, those individuals who experience this discomfort are often the ones that have the most to benefit from wearing the bangle. For example, depression is a low vibratory condition in the electrical body that does not usually take kindly to a rapid shift in vibratory upliftment. When a person has integrated this shift they are invariably elated with the change, but during the transition period they can be confused as to what is going on, and think that the bangle is the cause of this unfamiliar and unsettling feeling. Of course on one level they are right: it is the bangle that is causing their discomfort; but the bigger picture is that the person is transitioning from their depressed comfort zone to a higher, healthier mental/emotional state as their electrical body is adjusting to the higher electromagnetic stimulus brought on by the bangle.

Most of us are in varying degrees of some kind of electromagnetic rut caused by our karmic disposition from past lives and our present life. Meditation, exercise, healthy diet, fasting, positive thinking and other efforts in self-improvement will shift this electrical field up to a higher vibration, to a greater or lesser degree depending on the method used and the effort put forth. But the greatness of a properly made multi-gem bangle lies in the fact that it requires no effort or will power on the user's part to effect a profoundly positive change in one's electrical body, which in turn positively affects one's mental, emotional and physical states.

orgone energy jewelry

Part of our body's natural magnetic field is created by the flow of electrically charged ions in and out of our cells, and the transmission of electric impulses through the cell membranes. Even though it has long been known that there is electricity in our bodies, only recently have the Electrocardiogram (ECG), Electroencephalogram (EEG), and Electromyogram (EMG) been invented. Proper understanding of the electromagnetic nature of the body is an important aspect of creating vibrant health. Evidence of modern society's dramatic lack of understanding of this principal is the excess of cooked and microwaved (completely devitalized) food consumed by a majority of people. For optimum health it is essential to consume negative ions in order to combat acidic waste, which contains an excess of positive ions. In addition to wearing the multi-gem bangle, another method to correct this imbalance is to drink ionized water. Follow this link for more information on how ionized water can also profoundly and positively affect one's health and well-being:

Electricity and magnetism are inseparably interrelated. They are manifestations of the same fundamental physical concepts. Light is an electromagnetic wave, and quantum physicists agree that matter is frozen light. The electrons in the laboratory-grown crystals used in my bangles are arranged in perfect symmetrical patterns, and each crystal is imbued with its own unique, intelligent design.

Great yogis with mystical insight into the nature of the universe have declared that there are more types of electricity in the body than are commonly known. I feel confident that my own findings from my research with bangles will be verified by the scientific community when more advanced instruments are designed, which will be better able to measure these subtle electromagnetic currents in the body.

To further investigate this vast, fascinating topic as well as my own personal research into this field, I recommend you check the frequently asked questions and testimonials pages on both my and websites.

Thanks for your open-minded interest in investigating what I believe to be a profoundly significant tool for creating radiant health and well-being in all those who choose to wear the multi-gem bangle. And may all of us find health, happiness, peace and prosperity.

In Light and Love,



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